Trip to Porto

During the trip to porto I tried to notice he difference in culture of art and how artists approach their work. While walking through the city I have realised how many graffitied and street art pieces are there. The city is full of art in the streets and it is extremely vibrating and energetic through it. I have never seen so many graffiti works next to each other. I took pictures of several huge scale pieces, as I think it is really relevant to my research on scale and communication between the viewer and a painter.



In Porto, Portugal I had a chance to have a look at the architects studio in the city centre. I was amazed how tiny the space was and how careful all the details were built. I really enjoyed staying there and seeing how the space could function with different mediums and scales of boards and canvases. The main similarity was in the arrangement of works on walls. Many artists, painters and designers put paper with initial thoughts and ideas on walls in order to view through them. I really liked how well everything were thought through.