Additional readings

Many great artists struggled from depression or brain disorder. Some of them been criticized and called “crazy” before their success.┬áMost of the times definition of crazy people connect with their perception of the world, how they see the world and sometimes they even live in their own reality.

I’m currently reading a book by Oliver Sacks called “Man who mistook his wife for a hat”. The story tells us about a man who suffers from a condition of his brain when he can’t recognize any faces and sometimes even objects. It is a known fact that Oliver Sacks suffered from face blindness himself.

I was extremely interested in this information and decided to find more examples of brain disorders which reflect on people’s perception of reality.

For example, hemispatial neglect is the condition that makes half of your world invisible. I was really impressed reading about it and thinking that some people can receive impulse in their brain only in half is absolutely fascinating. Another one is alien hand syndrome. This is when people are convinced that their hand doesn’t belong to them. I have also came along with the term synesthesia. There is one type of synesthesia that took my attention the most. It’s a mirror-touch synesthesia. Basically, the person experiencing it feels what other people around are feeling. So,for instance, another human being could get hurt, but the person with synesthesia would physically experience the same.