Tate Modern observations and BATH, UK

My initial research I have decided to start with a museum visit. As I want to explore people’s perception of art I went to the Tate Britain and viewed how public move through the gallery space and interrogate with art. I was thinking about what makes people stop and continue watching? What is it that catches their attention immediately? Why some art works perceived by us normally and we are willing to know more about them, whereas others trigger our understanding of “normal”/ common life?

Some people spent 10-15 minutes looking at one art piece, when others didn’t even stop for a second to read about the artist or idea behind the work.

I find it extremely fascinating how different people make their own judgements based on their previous experiences and memories. As it all comes from our personal perspective that we have in life. Sometimes people can’t even explain why they like certain color of form. While standing there watching people move I have asked one women for her opinion on the structure she was looking at. She said: “To be completely honest I just don’t see much point of it.” When I asked her about the exhibition and how did she find modern art installations there, she replied that basically people are doing all sorts of crazy things calling it “art” nowadays.

Obviously there would be ten or even fifty other people that day who would be completely disagree with her. In my opinion, this lady wasn’t quite open to perceive this art and didn’t even try to understand the concept behind it. So, I have realized how different out perception of the world and art in it. I am going to explore the origins of abstract art and read critics about it.

The Roman Baths, BATH

For the second location I have chosen to visit Bath. From the spatial theory lectures from last year I remember how we’ve discussed the spirituality and intimacy of bathroom as a space. I thought of it in a different way as nowadays it is a daily routine that we experience,as hundred years ago this routine was much more “special” and there have been many mysteries around this.

It was extremely interesting for me to see how people act there, as it is a historic location and at the same time it is a museum. Some people been amazed by the energy around there. Public walked in a really calm way and everyone acted really quietly. Museum workers been dressed in a stylistic costumes from those times which made public even more emotionally attached to Roman culture and history if the place.

I have been next to Mark Rothko’s paintings at Tate Modern lots of times. This visit was really special for me as I stayed there for a longest time and had a chance to see how public interrogate with art. I spent about four hours only in one room and only through this time I have really experience it. People been sitting next to me and discussing work and their deep emotions from space.

Watching the documentary before going to exhibition really reflected on my understanding and perception of the art. The idea of the whole space with amazingly large scale paintings really showed me another way of thinking and experimenting with size of the work. How the scale itself coulee make such a huge impact into the reading of the work. How by walking in the room we really walking into “artists world and emotions”. Mark Rothko didn’t want public to walk by his work of experience it for three minutes standing next to it. He was truly motivated by the idea how people could get much richer experience by entering the space with his paintings. The particular importance for me was understanding that art in this space were placed by exact instructions of Rothko. This gives it even more spiritual context and advantage of experience in the Rothko’s way.

While visiting the exhibition I have read couple of interviews with Mark Rothko’s children, who have a really interesting approach towards his art. His son was known to be really close to Mark and saved some personal diaries and notes which help to understand artists thinking and beliefs.