Ladbroke Grove visit

Today I’ve visited Ladbroke Grove and Portobello Market in order to find inspiration and do further research. Based on some things I have explored as a secondary research about theosophy I have decided to focus on old things that considered to be vintage. As theosophy is a mystical and occultist philosophies,which studies mysteries of life. I thought that it would be helpful to go there and explore some of the vintage shops. Portobello road market is full of shops that sell vintage clothing, accessories, bags and home items. The point of exploring these things is that lots of people believe that some of the vintage items could still have energy from the previous user/owner. I went to those shops and spoken with some of people who are fond of vintage things. One lady told me that its really ¬†fascinating the way she finds and choses things in her house. She collects glasses and textiles which been previously used in old British houses. She also told me that she occasionally visits vintage exhibitions and finds it interesting to source new objects all the time. She said that she likes items with history, thats the main reason she enjoys vintage.


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