My final piece can’t be a very well planned work, as it would be an experiment. I really want it to be very expressive piece. Looking at it a viewer would get a sence of music and my personal interpretation of it.

Here is some of the pages from my everyday journal. I kept it with me at all the times in order to document everyday findings about the studio and different artist styles.

Rubbings and textures from the studio experiments

Shiny surfaces with acrylic paintsĀ Reading lyrics from Russian songs and looking at the palette for the final piece.

Some lines from the songs I listen to always makes me think about colours and how they could be used as a combination. I have always been fascinated how deep colour could effect our mood.

Arrangement of lines and movement through the piece. Trying to find the best rhythm.

Developing final piece arrangement f the lines and canvas planning.

Here is a quick mind map from the sketchbook. As I was a little bit concerned with the flow of my project and I couldn’t record everything step by step (I think this was caused by my constant switch from abstract art research to spirituality in modern art and music influences research) I helped myself with writing all thoughts in the right order. By putting key points from my research on paper I have decided to make a one piece painting which would be expressive outcome from my experiment.

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