Bill Viola at St. Paul’s Cathedral

I went to St.Pauls Cathedral to see Bill Viola’s exhibitions. I think that it is a very powerful location, as church is a very intimate place for many many people. People go there with their private thoughts and beliefs and spend time quietly. I think that in some way we experience this public space through price,as there were many people who like isolating themselves in small areas of the cathedral.

While walking tot eh exhibition area I have realized how deeply emotional people get in the cathedral. I enjoyed watching this exhibition as I find it fascination how people’s body could be used to communicate strong ideas and make people emotional. The way those videos filmed made me think about natural resources, earth and our perception of it.

“The display of Bill Viola’s Tiny Deaths 1993 at Tate Modern coincides with the permanent installation of his new work, Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), in the South Quire Aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral”

“Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) consists of four plasma screens, each showing a single figure who is progressively overwhelmed by the onslaught of a natural force.  The experiences of the four individuals are orchestrated together to form a coherent whole. The overriding theme is martyrdom for deep-seated beliefs, with the physical suffering of the body made dramatically evident through the cardinal elements.” – Tate.

“Using the inner language of subjective thoughts and collective memories, his videos communicate to a wide audience, allowing viewers to experience the work directly, and in their own personal way.”- St. Pauls Cathedral.


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