Initial ideas for a final piece

I was thinking to write about the concert as it was a great chance for me to experience true peoples emotions influenced by the music. The power of art is enormous and I was so shocked even though it wasn’t my first rock concert I haven’t seen so many people expressing themselves, shouting and really go crazy! The whole experience of being in the public with lots of lights around you and music is incredible. You feel so connected and separated at the same time. Music takes you and makes you super vulnerable.

I think that this is a really absorbing feeling for me and I would like to express myself through painting. During the gig I thought of initial ideas for my final piece for this unit. What came to my mind is a production of a painting reflected by different music. I think to choose several music types with diverse tones and rhythms and paint a work of art being effected by it during a several period of time. This would be my personal approach of working with painting tools, canvas, paint and music.

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