Evaluative Report

The area of my exploration for this unit was territories and boundaries. I have been focused on finding out how people define others and themselves nowadays. We tend to put some sort of a label or a “cliche” on people and describe even strangers as normal (in the meaning of ordinary) or crazy.
It is widely common for artists to be called weird and out of mind. I was excited to explore boundaries between sanity and insanity. Is there a limit of us being open minded about art? This is a question that intrigued me the most and I have explored the whole range of answers and perspectives to that. I have truly enjoyed working on this unit as it gave me a chance not only develop my making skills but also experience new ways of expressing my research and observations such as through photography and painting. Working on unit 5 made me really excited and motivated,so I have realized I don’t have enough space to work in the scale that suits my ideas. I couldn’t accomplish all my goals with mixed media techniques, so I have made a decision to push myself further with a studio space. I moved in the fine art studio in Farringdon this November. The studio helped me through out my development and I have realized how important is a choice of scale.

First observation that crucially reflected my project was a Tate visit. I have seen people’s reaction on art and made a survey. Based on this information I came to the conclusion that usually public calls something weird and crazy because people don’t see the point of it. They don’t understand creative process and what the artist tries to express through work of art. I’ve realized that Modent art, especially abstract gets the worst public reviews according to misunderstanding. I was curious about people comments on Mark Rothko’s work in Tate Modern, describing him “crazy and dark minded”. Moving to the research on the artists who really made an impact of public and acted/ worked in a shocking manner for the time I went deeper in the origins of Abstract art and spiritual movement in the society. Creativity pushes artists to go to the edge in order to get the right people’s reaction and make history. If people don’t read about art they don’t get ideas due to the short of the information.

Exploring spiritual movement in art and origins of abstract art lead me to experiments with acrylic,glue and mixed media paint. Supporting my research with the most eccentric examples of pushing the boundaries of sanity reflected on my idea development. I have started to pay more attention on what surrounds me and people I am working close to. Previously I used to enjoy working quiet privately, whereas with a studio space which is kind of open, have the experience people watching me pushed me out of the comport zone and motivated to try something different with the medium I used to as well. Not knowing the end result of the experiment made me really excited and I have enjoyed manipulating materials to get new effects and textures on canvas. Inspired by Marina Abramovic I have started filming some of my experiments as I really wanted to see people’s reaction on my development in order to make some decisions about final piece.

I can really say that this project was full of surprises for me as all of my ideas came to me due to my personal observations and reflections from the visual research. Walking through the studio understanding that all artists there choose specific music or set of sounds which reflect them on the regular basis made me so curious about my own music tastes. Connecting my final piece to music and my emotional understanding of was a decision I made as another experience, which I never had before. Through my journey I see a real improvement of my critical writing skills. I think it is a consequence of studying art dealers reviews on exhibitions. However, if I would have more time I would add the whole new vocabulary of artsy words that I never used before. Even though from times to times I was a bit lost in this project as there have been so much information gathered and I kept on finding myself confused. I think I have been a bit stuck as it’s difficult for me to narrow down and keep my research focused. Even though this unit is about expanding the usual practice and stay open to new ideas I found it slightly difficult to stay close to the topic and not explore some parts of the research deeper. Overall, this was a great opportunity for me and I am going to develop some of the ideas further and use them in my interior design practice.

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