Final Piece

This is a painting I made in three hours and ten minutes, while I have been listening to electronic and classical music. While planning my final piece and development I have been confused as I did’t know how to combine elements of my final piece in one art work.

I think that this experiment worked as I have carefully planned the choice of colors and techniques in addition to music. I am really glad with this result, as it was ment to be an experiment and as I have never done anything like this before I knew that the result would be unexpected.

I have devided three hours into time slots. For the first hour I was concentrated only on classical music. At the beginning, I was totally sure that I have to switch instrumental music and jazz,but then after my practice a week ago, I have realized that actually experience which I get from classical music is much stronger. One of my favourites is Piano Sonata No.1 and No.2 “Moonlight Sonata” by Ludwig Van Beethoven. I have a strong connection with it as I used to play it in school when I was a kid. I associate this music composition with tone of blues and greys. The dark and deep color could express all the emotions from music.


For another hour I have mixed blue with dark grey and made this faded effect with some tools. I have applied PVA glue to the surface to make it a bit more sticky for the dust. As I could not plan that much for my final piece (it is meant to be experimental piece effected by listening to music), so I could predict only the way how I will switch music and period of time I spend on each section of the canvas.

I have been changing from classical music to electronic by Gesaffelstein. Most of the tracks were from the album Aleph, 2013. In particular “Obsession” and “Destinations”, due to their rhythm and sound.

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